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SIMPLIFY social media and future technology - BLOCKCHAIN


We concentrate on thorough research about community culture, user behaviors and challenges in terms of feasibility, appeal, and risks to ensure those in absolute management. In addition to useful technology products, Simple Zone will collaborate with prestigious partners to promote new initiatives and services in order to reach even more users worldwide

Constant innovation

Simple Zone understands how important innovation is in this competitive market, which is the reason why we keep speeding up and moving on to show our outstanding development

Superior experience

To appeal to the consistency of users with Simple Zone products, we constantly update the trends of digital technology and strive to bring the greatest experiences to the community

Tangible value

When you play and experience products, your leisure time can be more valuable with reaping a variety of real profits as a member of the Simple Zone community. A popularity but still a difference is the goal that the company builds to create practical values ​​for the community

Community connection

Building a global ecosystem with a community-centric core is our target. Any people, any age and any profession can participate in the Simple Zone ecosystem

Ideal Companion

Simple Zone's vision is to be the leader in global technology trends through providing products and services that focus on the untapped market




Simple in Simple Zone means everything is simple

Simple Zone is a provider of blockchain technology solutions and services. Here, we prioritize exploiting the characteristics of Blockchain technology to develop and deliver web3 applications, enabling users to quickly and simply access current technological advancements or innovation.

With the motto of professional and creative operation, we care about creating an ideal working environment for employees and providing customers with innovative values and the best services.

The operating principle of Simple Zone is to focus on enhancing the power of information technology knowledge and contributing the involvement of Vietnamese businesses in the global competitiveness. To achieve this position, Simple Zone is utilizing the characteristics of blockchain technology to create a new space for users to experience.

Innovating the existing platform and fully exploiting the niche market is our propensity to create the values of difference and uniqueness in the market.

Simple Zone identifies a long-term strategic vision to drive the company's operation. Continuing to maintain the scheduled plans, and at the same striving to achieve the goal of becoming a leading technology company in the Blockchain field which gives users a positive experience when approaching new technology.

To fulfill the strategies set out, Simple Zone strives to implement 3 elements:

  • The best execution of goals

“A journey of a thousand miles always begins with small steps.” So to reach the final destination, Simple Zone always strives to complete each short-term strategy set. This is also a lesson to practice skills to help the Simple Zone team become more stable for great strategies.

  • Constant update and innovation

With the field of technology that is constantly innovating, Simple Zone has to keep updating and innovating to be a pioneer on the journey to bring the best experiences to users. 

  • Partnership with organizations to create multi-functional products

Simple Zone does not attempt to be the best in all areas but focusing on our main path and cooperating with other best partners to support us. The power of the partnership is what Simple Zone would like to exploit to enhance diverse features and even exclusive products in the market.

Simple Zone's vision is to be the leader in capturing technology trends in the world. We aim to do this by providing the best products and services in the market. In the ecosystem that Simple Zone creates, the founders and users are linked together through a win-win cooperation. We are expanding the market, increasing awareness and brand value. You are free to be creative on social networking platforms, and gain values and the opportunities to “change your life” from your works.

“Capshort - Ignite your own creativity” is one of the outstanding projects of Simple Zone.

Capshort is a new-generation social networking application built with blockchain technology. Capshort spaces are not only for entertaining but also for users to develop their own creativity and to derive values from their works. The Simple Zone team is constantly upgrading Capshort to become a pioneering social network in the field of socialFi (Social-Defi) with unique features that bring users multi-sensory Social Media experiences.

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In Simple Zone, human resources are regarded as the most valuable asset and the key to the success and future development of the company. The staff that contributes to build Simple Zone today consists of dynamic, creative, highly expertized members in the fields of technology and multimedia to bring users the best experiences.

On the journey to bring social networks and Blockchain technology closer to the community, Simple Zone attaches special importance to qualified partners which will support the success of future projects. Bilateral benefits for both parties in the partnership and for users around the world. Thus, Simple Zone sincerely welcomes partners with similar development goals. Please contact us via contact@simplezone.ioif you would like to cooperate in simplifying social networking and Blockchain technology.

Simple Zone is on multi-channels for partners to contact with. If you have any questions about business or partnership, please contact Simple Zone via: